Time to write


It is often easier to get down to work far away from the normal concerns of everyday life, so the PWG Foundation, the Writers in Residence (WiR) Association and the Literaturhaus Zurich offer guest writers the opportunity to do just that, in a project generously supported by the Canton and City of Zurich. Eligible recipients of the fellowship are able to spend six months concentrating intensively on their writing in the stimulating working and living environment of the City of Zurich.

The PWG Foundation became involved in 2010 to mark its 20th anniversary, contributing a furnished apartment in a central city location. With its expertise, high public profile and international network of contacts, The Literaturhaus Zurich ensures that writers feel at home during their residency and have time to write. Co-ordinated by the Literaturhaus Zurich, the Writers in Residence Association was founded with the aim of financing two writers’ residencies each year.

The PWG Foundation, the WiR Association and the Literaturhaus Zurich wish to thank the Canton and City of Zurich for their financial support for the project. The PWG Foundation is provided with furniture for the apartment by the Wohnbedarf furniture store, which has been a byword for modern living and furnishing since 1931.

The fellowship is not open to application but is awarded by the Literaturhaus Zurich.

The Literaturhaus Zurich

In the heart of the old city, on the Limmat Quay, is where the Literaturhaus, part of the Museumsgesellschaft, is located. The Museumsgesellschaft was founded in 1834 and has a richly-stocked library and a reading room with a large range of newspapers and journals, and the Literaturhaus was founded in 1999. The Literaturhaus is a meeting-place for writers from Switzerland and all around the world, where publishers, booksellers and journalists, poets and critics, readers and aficionados come together for lively conversation. It offers space for readings, discussions and symposia, in short for events of all kinds.


The PWG Foundation

A popular initiative led to the foundation in 1985 of the PWG Foundation, which was tasked with acquiring properties in the City of Zurich, thus permanently taking them out of the reach of speculators. The intention was to retain affordable residential and commercial spaces or if need be to create new ones in new buildings. The Foundation’s office was opened in 1991, and since then it has acquired up to ten properties each year at market prices. Today, it owns 142 properties with a value of more than 660 million Francs.


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