Tadeusz Dąbrowski

from Jan 1, 2016 – Jun 30, 2016

Tadeusz Dąbrowski
  • Country: Poland
  • Born: 1979
  • Latest publication:
    «Die Bäume spielen Wald» (Hanser, 2014)
  • Awards:
    Literary Award of the Capital City of Warsaw (2014); Horst Bienek Prize (2014); Kościelski Prize (2009); Hubert Burda Prize (2008); Prize of the Foundation for Polish Culture (2006)

“for what distinguishes silence
that is empty from significant silence

deep from shallow
light from dark

deliberate silence from
random silence

is you”

(English from the German by Catherine Hales, original Polish source unknown)




Award-winning poet and essayist

Tadeusz Dąbrowski was born in 1979. He is known as a poet and essayist, but also as a critic, and has published in many well-known publications. He was a fellow of the Yaddo Foundation (USA, 2015), the Omi International Arts Center (USA, 2013), the Vermont Studio Center (2011), Literatur Lana (2011), the International Writers’ House, Graz, Austria (2008), the Polish Ministry of Culture (2007, 2010), the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (2006, 2012) and the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators in Visby (2004, 2010).