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Olli Jalonen

from Dec 1, 2010 – May 31, 2011

Olli Jalonen
  • Country: Finland
  • Born: 1954
  • Latest publication: Poikakirja, Helsinki: Otava Publishing Company, 2010

«In den windgeschützten Sonnenflecken war es so heiss wie in Finnland im Frühsommer. Fliegen kreisten über den Hinterlassenschaften der Hunde, und der Wind brachte den Geruch von Öl und Rauch mit. Ich fühlte mich fremd und allein, hier in diesem Nirgendwo, auch so kann das Leben vergehen.» Aus: Vierzehn Knoten bis Greenwich

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Text posted on May 12, 2011

Half-year inventory

In the beginning of December, when the six months long writers-in-residence period started, the woods and parks of Zurich were snowy like in a wintery fairy-tale story. Now in May when it is time to go back home everything outside has changed and parks and gardens are full of blooming flowers. To us, coming from the north of Europe, the spring and the summer arrived here at the same time and almost too quickly. Suddenly the woods were thick and green and we could not see any more so easily our deer-friends of Adlisberg between bushes and trees.

Text posted on Apr 4, 2011

Mapping Zurich by tram-spotting

Last week when coming back to Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen by tram number 2 from Farbhof I had finished one of my Zurich-projects. Then I had travelled all the tram routes from the first stop to the last terminus. “Das ist die Endstation.”

Text posted on Feb 14, 2011

The easiest language is your own language

Last week I was at home in Finland. The very first impression was that this winter has been a real SNOW-winter there. Thick snow drifts even in the middle of Helsinki, and this has not been so usual anymore.

Text posted on Jan 10, 2011

One special 70 years old death mask

When I was a teen-ager for some long decades ago I liked to read murder mysteries and Alistair MacLean. Among these stacks of similarly dull books I happened to read James Joyce’s Dubliners.

Text posted on Dec 12, 2010

From snowy Finland to snowy Zurich

The first impression on the very first morning in the new residence of Hegibachstrasse was the light: the great open view from the windows and the sun rising from behind the snow-covered roofs. Beautiful and restful; good to begin a new day.

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