Aura Xilonen

from Jul 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019

Aura Xilonen
  • Country: Mexico
  • Born: 1995
  • Latest publication:
    The Gringo Champion. Europa Editions, New York 2017 (translated by Andrea Rosenberg)
  • Awards:
    Premio Mauricio Achar Literatura Random House 2015, Mexico

“And then it hits me, as the scruffs trail the gorgeous chickadee, hooting at her and talking dirty, that I can get myself another life by beating these pinches australs up. After all, I was born dead already, and nothing fucking scares me. […] And so I come up behind the guy and give him a sharp kick in the ankle, and he crumples over like a trivel running down a windowpane on a rainy day, and then I slam him in the cockles with all my might.” From: “The Gringo Champion”, translated from Mexican Spanish by Andrea Rosenberg




Young author, eloquent debut novel

Aura Xilonen (1995) is a Mexican writer based in Puebla, Mexico. Her first novel “Campeón gabacho” (Random House 2015) won the renowned Mauricio Achar prize and was a literary sensation. Her picaresque novel about the classic topic of Mexican immigration to the USA is written in a highly original language sometimes branded as “ingleñol” (from inglés = English and español = Spanish) and has so far been translated into eight languages. Europa Editions published the novel in English as “The Gringo Champion” in 2017.