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Xiaolu Guo

from Jun 1, 2015 – Nov 30, 2015

Xiaolu Guo
  • Country: China
  • Born: 1973
  • Latest publication: «I am China» (Chatto & Windus, 2014)

“I'm sitting in this foul-smelling little library writing to you like a Mongol who has lost his horse! How pathetic, old bastard sky! But I've no army gearing up for battle, and there are no hills surrounding my room, just a whole pile of legal files and the sound of seagulls screeing somewhere nearby. I try to be USEFUL even when I cannot be used here. I study European history like I did at school, but I am too old to be re-educated! But yes, TO BE USEFUL, that's what I must strive for. Someone has taken the only copy of Das Kapital the library holds, so I don't have anything sensible to read [...].” From: “I am China” (Chatto & Windus, 2014, p. 77)

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