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Tamta Melaschwili

from Dec 1, 2014 – May 31, 2015

Tamta Melaschwili
  • Country: Georgia
  • Born: 1979
  • Latest publication: Abzählen (Counting Out) (Unionsverlag 2012) (German translation of Gavla)

“Assuming that something happens and they see us – she gave us another push – who knows who or what they’ll think we are in the dark. They could shoot at us, understand? We must shout out really loudly that we’re just kids. Then they won’t shoot at us. Understand? I said, “How do you know they won’t shoot at us? There’s a war on.” Ninzo said, “They won’t shoot, believe me.” She said it again, rather more emphatically. I said, “Give me a cigarette.” “What for? You’ll only have to throw up again, just leave it” “Give me one, I need one now.” And now I was the one pushing the swing. Ninzo said, “They won’t shoot at us.” She gave me a cigarette. “The main thing is that they don’t confuse us with someone else. If we get caught, they’re sure not to take the stolen things away from us. Especially if it’s the one with the blue eyes.” From Gavla (extract tr. Catherine Hales)

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